The Road Home

Want to help an important cause but don’t have the time to donate a full video? How about 10 seconds? 


Gantry is looking for animators / motionographers to help us tell the story of homelessness in SLC. We are working with The Road Home to produce an animated piece for their annual fundraiser. We will provide the script and VO, and you would provide a specified 7-15 seconds of animation in whatever style you want. We will stitch them all together similar to how the “To This Day” piece was done - We are hoping to have the script ready by the end of this month, and then you have about 2-3 weeks to put together your segment (due on April 20th).  


Interested? Reach out to us at


This is totally a pro-bono project.  All services are donated, and contributors will be featured on the end title card (the Road Home actually wants us to show that this is a donated piece so potential donors don’t think they spent boat-loads of money on a fancy video).


Feel free to share this page with other artists who might be interested in pitching in to help a really worthy cause.